Hayatımda ilk defa bir heykelden etkilendim.Louvre müzesinde bulunan bu heykel duruşu, kıvrımları, kanatları ve naifliği ile kalbimi çalmayı başarmıştı ki kendisi venüsün oglu  çıkınca sempatim daha da arttı 🙂

Müzenin sayfasında açıklaması ise şu şekilde : Eros, or Cupid, also known as Love, is represented as a child or youth, and is the messenger of his mother Venus. He makes his victims fall in or out of love by shooting a gold or a lead arrow at them. Circle round this work and observe the nimble motion of his hands. Notice the empty spaces in the composition. Admire the sculptor’s technical virtuosity in rendering his gesture of presenting a rose, symbol of love, to a butterfly, symbolic of the soul (in Greek, psyche means both soul and butterfly). Notice the bas-reliefs on the plinth, which depict the joys and sorrows of the soul possessed by love. A swarm of bees attacks Eros in the end and rescues the enslaved soul. This tale introduces the myth of Cupid and Psyche.